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want to ask, how do you get to ibis central so that you don't get even odd on MT Haryono street? I'm from Makodam / UKI direction (Jl. Mayjen Sutoyo)

Through the back, enter the folder there is an option for mbl number, Google said, find the way.

Are motorbike parking available?

Available, inside

If you use the ministry of agriculture to the hotel?

It's easy to use a motorbike / car online or taxi, getting to the Gage area plus the transportation is difficult ... getting in from the highway is not bad ...

range from ibis to PT housing development office jl.tb simatupang ???

Just take the train ... from the west headland. Go down in the cawang ... ride the ojol.

Sorry mom ibis Cawang Got what londry you have to wash outside ......Thank you....


How much is the distance to the hotel bidakara

+/- 15 KM

Can the swimming pool be used during this new normal transition period?

Bs and swimming pools are opposite the hotel

Can it be extra bed, and how much will it cost?

If questions like this are better, go directly via phone, because usually the hotel admin isn't too responsive to google maps ...

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